Why Choose Iceland?

Iceland has gained a reputation as the go to location for those seeking adventure and a warm welcome. Known as the land of ice and fire it’s dramatic landscape is unrivalled for natural beauty, with many water falls, hot springs, geysers and volcanoes just some of the delights it has to offer. Iceland is and remains a country still in formation with eruptions and lava flows a frequent and spectacular event to witness. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can explore active lava fields and snow capped glaciers in the same day!

Most visitors to Iceland follow ´Route 1´ the circular ring road that takes hundreds of travelers each year around the country to see all that Iceland has to offer. With one of our campers however you can also venture off the beaten track and see the mountainous highlands and landscapes only accessible by 4x4.  

There are many places to explore and for unrivalled access in complete freedom to these sites a camper pickup is the ideal way to travel.

Driving through the beautiful rugged landscape of the island is an experience of a lifetime, however driving in Iceland can present unique challenges and difficulties that are important to be aware of.

In preparation and to ensure your safety and enjoyment please take a moment to look at the links provided to help you get started in planning your journey of a lifetime! 


Our Tips To Best Experience Iceland


  • Bathe in one of the natural hot pools around the country.

  • Go up the Hallgrímskirkja tower for a full panoramic view over the city of Reykjavik.

  • Visit the breathtaking black beaches on the South coast.

  • Enjoy the midnight sun during the long summer days.

  • Bathe in one of the local geothermally heated swimming pools across the country (even the tiniest of towns will have one).

  • See the countless waterfalls around the country.

  • Visit the coastal towns and take a whale watching tour.

  • Greet the locals by saying "Góðan daginn" (go-than-dy-in).

  • Visit one of the many visitors centres around the country to learn about the formation of Iceland.

  • Respect and appreciate the beautiful nature.



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